Open Gyms

 Currently enrolled students at Vision Gymnastics have an opportunity to spend a little extra time during the week mastering skills they require for class.  Open Gyms are available for Flip Flops, Somersaults, Vision A, Vision B and Vision C Gymnastics classes when space and coaches allow!  

Open Gyms are $5 per student per class

Vision Gymnastics allows one make up class per month for absences so we also use Open Gyms for our make up classes.  In order to attend the Open Gym as  a make up class, parents must  1) notify the gym PRIOR to an absence and  2) pay all past due balances. Once notification is made and zero balance is verified, Vision Gymnastics will send an email with instructions on how to schedule a make up class.  The email will include a promotion code good for one free Open Gym.  


It is the parent's responsibility to schedule the make up class within the month of the absence.

Make up classes are a courtesy offered by Vision Gymnastics.  Therefore, if you are unable to bring your child to an open gym FOR ANY REASON, the opportunity to make up their missed class will be forfeited.  

Open Gym Schedule