Parties at Vision Gymnastics

Basic Party Information

Basic Party Information

Basic Party Information


Vision parties start with 60 minutes of games, gymnastics, obstacle  courses,, pit diving and lots of FUN!  The parties finish with 30 minutes of "private" party time for serving refreshments and opening presents!

Children must be 4 years old or older to attend a birthday party at Vision Gymnastics!

There is no limit to how many children you invite, however, if you are planning on more than 20 children you will need to let us know so that we can provide an adequate number of coaches! 

$250.00 for the first 10 children (including birthday child)

$10 for each additional child

A $50 deposit confirms your date!   Don't delay...reserve your party at Vision Gymnastics online today. 

All you have to do is go to our HOME page, create an account, input your information & your child's information, select the date and time you want to reserve, pay the deposit and you're good to go!

MEMBERS of Vision Gymnastics receive a 10% discount on all parties!  

Discount taken on the day of the party.

Things You Should Know

Basic Party Information

Basic Party Information


All participants must have a signed waiver in order to participate!

Our coaches are responsible for the safety of all children on the gym floor.  Therefore, all children playing on the gym floor (regardless of age) will be billed as part of the party.

Adults  will  not  be  able  to  be  on  the  gym  floor  but  we  have  a  large  viewing  area  upstairs  where  you  can  watch  the  fun!

It is the responsibility of the parent to let Vision Gymnastics know, in advance, if there will be more than 20 children in attendance.  This will allow us to provide the appropriate number of coaches to adequately staff your child's party!

Parties are usually scheduled for Saturday or Sunday afternoons, however, exceptions can and do apply depending on the gym schedule, just ask!

We allow any type of decorations, however, we prohibit the use of helium balloons.  Helium balloons inevitably get "loose" and end up in our ceiling fans.  

The gym will be open 15 minutes before your party starts for decorating!

Come prepared to have lots and lots of FUN!!

Birthday Party Waiver

Special Event Waiver (pdf)